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What we’re up to in 2018

mission trip

May 18-20
Children's Church Workshop
RM150 per person

MAY 24-29
Medical Mission Trip
RM1,200 per person

june 18-24
Children’s Camp
Kota Marudu, Sabah
RM800 per person

Preaching & Outreach
Cabanatuan, Philippines
RM1,000 per person

august 1-5
Bring a Light & Medical
Kg. Talibang, Sabah
RM800 per person

october 18-21
Manila, Philippines
RM1,000 per person

november 5-9
Firez Camp
RM200 per person

december 7-10
Children's Christmas Celebration
Siem Reap, Cambodia

december 15
Children's Christmas Celebration
CWO Refugee School

december 21-25
Children's Christmas Celebration
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Street Feeding

May 7
Kuala Lumpur

june 4
Kuala Lumpur

july 2
Kuala Lumpur

august 4
Kuala Lumpur

september 3
Kuala Lumpur

october 1
Kuala Lumpur

november 5
Kuala Lumpur

tuition class

May 26
CWO Refugee School

june 30
CWO Refugee School

july 28
CWO Refugee School

august 25
CWO Refugee School

september 29
CWO Refugee School

october 27
CWO Refugee School

november 17
CWO Refugee School

Student Intern

september 1-30
Kota Marudu, Sabah
RM800 per person
october 1-31
Kota Marudu, Sabah
RM800 per person

Whether you're a veteran or new to the mission field, we invite you to partner with us in this journey!

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What are the requirements to go for a mission trip?

One would need to be a member of Collective or one of it’s affiliates who is willing to get out of their comfort zone.

Why do I need to pay to go on a mission trip?

Money given to the Missions Department from the Future fund and donations are used to cover the cost of work on the missions field. The fees charged to participants cover your personal expenses such as transportation and accommodation.

What kind of mission trips does Collective offer?

We do various types of short term mission trips. This includes:

  • Preaching and outreach
  • Street feeding and evangelism
  • Tuition classes for refugee students
  • Medical booths and mission trips
  • Plantation and self-sustainability education
  • Children’s camp
  • Bring a Light (Solar Light Installation)

We also arrange student internships, whereby we send two (2) teachers a year to Sabah to teach tuition for a month.

Why is it so expensive to go for a mission trip?

The fee quoted is the highest estimated cost for a participant's transportation and accommodation based on past trips. However, the cost can vary according to flight prices. If the cost of transportation and accommodation is below the allocated fee, the difference will be refunded to the participant. However, if the cost is above the allocated fee, the difference will be borne by the Missions Department.

Does the fee include food and allowance?

No it does not.

What if I am unable to afford the fee but really want to go for a mission trip?

If you would like to go for a mission trip but are facing financial difficulties, please write to us at We will do our best to assist you.

Okay, I’m convinced! Now how do I sign up?

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