Heart of service

Our teams of volunteers are the true heroes behind the scene. We believe in creating an excellent worship experience where everyone feels welcomed and belonged.

We want to invite you to be part of the team and embrace the heartbeat of this community. There are many different areas of ministry for you to choose from.

Team Night

It is one thing to join a church but quite another to be a part of an engaging vision.

If Collective carries the vision that resonates with your heart, come join us for Team Night—happening on the first Tuesday of every month.

Get to know the nitty gritty of how we do church and how we want to secure the future together. It will be a time of worship, team building and life sharing.

Looking forward to having you with us!

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Our ministries



Here is where it all happens behind the scene. It’s a place where audio, visual, lighting, media, information technology, photography, social media and facilities put in their time and effort to bring life and beauty into our church services.

If details and technicality attract you, come join us!



Music is an expression of gratitude to God for who He is, what He’s done, and especially, for our salvation.

At Collective, music is our audible creative expression. This ministry harnesses skillful talent and amplifies the heart so that everyone can glorify God through praises from the depths of their soul.



It’s where feelings and emotions intertwine and come alive! Through the creative arts like drama, dance, prop-making as well as hair and makeup, the Gospel message can be preached with flair.

Join us and we will set you up for showtime!



Every person that steps foot into this church is our guest and friend. We are a hospitality team of ushers and security that aims to provide the most welcoming and comfortable experience for everyone.

We warmly welcome anyone who calls this place home to join our team!


Collective Kids

Our vision is to raise a new generation of kids who are God-fearing and compassionate towards others. Every Sunday, kids gather to worship and to know more about Jesus through bible stories.

If you are passionate about kids, join us and find out more.